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Hi there, I'm a third year journalism student (or i will be when i go back in september) and for my dissertation i am required to produce a magazine that is not already on the market, so i am making a woman's car magazine. Any help that anyone has on this subject would be very much appreiciated. I am looking for ideas, or people to help out, for example i have car troubles that need answering by a mechanic etc (I'm looking for a mechanic to answer questions, tell me the most common problems men and women come to them with, and are willing to send a photo of themselves so i can put it next to their answers- this would be VERY useful) i want people's real life car stories... etc ANYTHING at all would be EXTREMELY helpful!!

Also, and perhaps most importantly, if you are women, or know women, i was wondering if i could post a survey here and you could fil it in and send it back to me about whether you would but such a magazine etc.

Also..... i realllly need a name for my car magazine. So far i have come up with NEUTRAL which is a funky name, but really it gives off the wrong impression about the magazine, namely that it's not going anywhere, and BONNET, which is meant to be a pun as in women's hats.
so as you can see from these 2very LAME suggestions, i need help!
please please please, thank you!!!

posted by  teganchapman

Pretty good idea. I suggest that your theme should be more feminen. Involve as many TomBoy women as possible, it needs a womens touch. This could open a whole new market, where the interior/exterior of cars can develope into more female tastes (Flowers,pastel colors, fluffy stuff etc...). Here are some names for what there worth: SHECAR, AUTOCHICK, LADYCAR, Touch of girl, Ladytouch, Ladies Touch, Car for Curves, Smartcar.

posted by  park avenue

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

If you need any car questions answered feel free to shoot me a private message...If I don't have the answer off-hand, I WILL FIND IT! Good luck with your mag...Me being a male...I don't have many good ideas for a mag name...but how about Le Femme Auto? Just a suggestion.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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