Maintenance Required Light Wont Turn Off.

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My maintenance required light popped on, in my 95 Honda accord, a couple days ago. I've since taken it into the shop and had all nw coolant system installed, new timing belts, new gaskets, ect (it jst hit 80K). I thought this would fix the problem, but it hasnt. I'm going to get the oil changed in a couple days. Might this help?

Does anyone know why they pop on and how to get them off? It's already turned froma green to a yellow color and it seems to be turning red now.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS......

posted by  MrNasty

Hi, most maintenance lights come on after so many miles ,but they all have to be reset, check in your owners manual should show how to re set it. have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

I am not sure about that - a check engine, maintenance requires, etc means something has caused the onboard diagnostics to detect a problem and set the light. The idea here is to find out what the problem is, fix it then reset the computer.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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