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A few days ago, I was accellerating around a left hand corner when I heard a snap and a clang! :doh: Immediately my heart sank and sure enough, on the way back home, over the reputable Michigan roads, I heard a klunk coming from the right side of the car each time I would pass over even what I would call a small divot in the road. :banghead: The next day, I looked underneath the car to see if anything had been damaged to the point where it was hanging from the underside of the car, but no such problem existed. :ohcrap: Fearing a broken strut or shock, I brought it to one of the local mechanics around here; there is definitely no shortage of repair shops near me. :wink2: The guy took my car aroud the block and he too heard the noise so he had the car checked out by the other mechanics and he gave me the following list of things that were bad... :

Lower Ball Joint: $82.56
Sway Bar Link/Kit: 2 for $19.60 ea.
Labor for Lower Left Ball Joint: $75.00
Labor for Left Link Pin: $20.00
Left Axle Assembly: $99.96
Labor for Axle Assembly: $75.00
Front Wheel Alignment: $49.95
Shop Supplies: $15.00

If you've been adding this in your head, the total comes out to be $450.10.
This wasn't the first estimate I got on the damage, but it was the first one I got in writing. I talked to a friend of a friend who also estimated $450-$500 but for 4 new shocks/struts and front strut plates. Does this sound like a reasonable price? I am a college student so naturally, I am a little strapped for cash. It doesn't help that I need my car to make money since I am a pizza deleivery boy, so I can't afford to have my car in the shop for needless repairs either. what is your take on this situation? Is there a way I could save money and still get the neccessary repairs done?

As always, your reply is greatly appreciated and if any more info is needed, I would be happy to oblige to the best of my ability. Thanks in advance.


posted by  93GrandAm

Ok, a bit of an update, I took the car into Belle Tire today to have a third opinion made and they basically showed me what was broken on my car and told me how they intended to fix it.
They recommended that I have both front struts and strut plates replaced along with lower ball joints on both sides. Plus an alignment. They quoted me a price (after much haggling) of $700. If they were going to charge me full price, it would cost about $856. I felt a little more secure having both sides of the car worked on and with the lifetime warranty on the shocks, I thought I would go ahead and get the work done.
They also found what the first shop found, which was the axle assembly. But they said that would last a few thousand miles yet and honestly, i couldn't afford to have that done too, so I decided to wait on that and the sway bar and have it done sometime later. So everything should be cool once I get the bad bad stuff out of the way. :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  93GrandAm

be careful - typically when a cv joint on a car (requires either the joint to be replaced or the easiest way is to replace the axle) starts thumping, the miles are very few before a failure

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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