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hi, i just recently got a used 95 integra. i know integras a commonly stolen in the u.s. and i live in a sort of bad area, so i'd like to install a car alarm light (in hopes i'd have less of a chance my car is stolen or broken into). unfortunately, i am unable to purchase a real car alarm for a while, so for the mean time i'd like to install a alarm light where it'll automatically turn on when the ignition is turned off and turn off when the ignition is on. i purchased a varad superbrite alarm light, but it did not come with instructions on how to install. i've tried searching the web for how to do this, but all i seem to do is end up at online shops places, etc.

does anyone have any picture guides/links of the wiring of a 95 integra. i'm a newbie and i really need pictures. i've called car places and asked them to install, but they're charging at least $90 to do what i'm asking. so i'd prefer to install it myself since people say it's easy and $90 is a outragous price. thanks in advance for any help.

posted by  kellie

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