1998 Chevy Cavalier - A/C issue

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I have a 1998 Chevy cavalier and my A/C no longer blows cold air. Estimate to repair was $900...so I thought I'd see if I might be able to do it myself. Apparantly The compressor leaks badly...can't hold freon at all. I bought a book and think I can replace the compressor. My question is are there other parts I should replace...for example the orific tube or the accumulator? Also I believe there are 2 technical bullitens that might shed some light on some questions I have. They are 01-01-39-003A A/C - Catastrophic Compressor Failure Debris Removal and 01-01-38-006B A/C - R-134A System Flushing Procedure. Anyone know what these say and if they contain any info that might be helpful to my problem?


posted by  amuck10

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