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I also have a 1991 Ford Tempo. It starting breaking belts last year. It is now at the point where if you try to drive it more than a couple of miles the v-belt breaks. So I looked at it when the car is running and everything I can see looks fine. Removed the belt and tried moving all the pulleys. All move freely accept the A/C clutch, which I can't really see when the belt is on. I assume I should be able to move this so here is probably where my problem is. Also I found it is covered with melted belt. Now my question is do you think just replacing the A/C clutch would fix my problem or do I probably need a new compressor? I really couldn't care lesslif this cars A/C works or not. I just don't want to put much money into the car do to its age.


posted by  amuck10

Hi , you should be able to move the pully on the ac clutch with the belt off, and if you can get a grip on the front of the clutch you should be able to turn it , hard but should turn,if it don't most likely it the Comp.locking up. have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

If the a/c compressor pulley (not clutch) turns hard with the car off, something is bad wrong with the clutch. But try adusting it if you can (if your particular one is adjustable. Some are, some arent.)

posted by  DodgeRida67

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