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Ok well I just baught a 1992 ford crown vic (v8 4.6L) a few months ago with aprx. 100k km on it. I foolishly :doh: procrastinated getting an oil change and blew the engine :banghead: . now im not sure what to do :ohcrap: ... I am a student there for im somewhat limited :2cents: wise however i need a vehichle. so far ive placed together the following options:
a) Get the engine rebuilt for $2200-$3700 (CND dollars)
b) Buy a used engine (found one for $600 w/ 150k km on it and compression tested and suposedly in farely good con.) and transplant.
c) do option b and then sell the car and buy sumthing else.
d) attempt to sell the car as is.

Keep in mind the rest of the car is in mint condition inside and out with many new parts. Please let me know what you guys think i should do.

posted by  Gumba

I'd buy a rebuilt engine.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I'd go for a rebuilt engine.

Btw, I have doubts that procrastinating a little on changing the oil after you recently bought this car would cause an engine failure, unless you were critically low on oil. Chances are the engine was headed for a failure when you bought it, although you probably can't do anything about that now.

posted by  kanato

rebuilt it or buy a used one and that way, in the future if u decide to sell it, you would be able to!

posted by  Ki2AY

Buy a used engine and do an engine transplant, especially if the AOD or AODE tranny is in good shape and does not shudder much on a 3-4 up or down shift or wheh the torque converter engeges. A rebuilt engine is OK if it came from a 1995 or earlier. The 4.6 was redesigned in 1996 and is has thinner metal between cylinders (this was also the year the 4.6L was blessed with the plastic intake manifold which cracked @ 65k miles) - many commercial rebuilders are leary of building this engine.

Missing an oil change for a thousand miles or so did not kill your 1992 Crown Vic.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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