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Can any one advise me on what my be wrong with my land rover freelander. I was driving yesterday and I noticed a vast differance is the cars ability to get up hills. I was having to go down to 2nd gear to climb hills that I normally go up in 4th or even 5th with a good run at it. When I geared down to 2nd it started to pull but it sounded as it the engine was working to hard and the rev counter was getting rather high but as soon as I went up a gear it could not maintain the speed.
Today it seemed a little better on hills but still overall when I am driving I have to put my foot down harder to maintain speed at 50mph that what I would normal have to and it did not feel very smooth.
A friend has checked the plugs and says that they are OK. Any suggestions on what the problem could be would be appreciated.
I know these cars are known for the head gaskets going (mine was replaced 15 months ago) that is what is worrying me. Could that be the problem?


posted by  Alison

This may be the start of your fuel pump going. I had experiance with water damage ( driving through floods not recommended) and was left with some water having entered the air intake, exhaust and just about everywhere bar the inside if the cabin ( those seals all held ).One problem I saw was losing engine power at the most unpredictable times, usually when I was going uphill.Later after a full breakdown due to no power at all, I was told that water in the fuel tank had made a clog that caused the fuel pump to go. Nw you may not have the water damage, but loss of power is always one of three things - 1. No spark (Plugs or battery or fuse), 2. No air (filter needs change/clean or air intake bloked or exhaust holed and not allowing air pressure build up), 3. No fuel fuel line blocked or insuficient fuel reaching engine).
Having said all this I suggest you start with the cheapest and easiest maintenance.
1. Charge your battery and also either change spark plugs or remove and scratch the ends after cleaning of grease/dirt.
2. Change or clean air filter.
3. Hope you don't get this far , but if you do, take car to dealer and have chip read to verify engine sump issue.
PS from experiance these things are cheaper if fixed quickly..Don't wait until the bang...

posted by  drek1

I wouldn't so much worry about your battery right now.....try checking your air filter.....if it looks real dirty, you should get a new one anyway weather it fixes the problem or not because you'll still get better gas mileage and still get a little more power. If thats not the problem, take it somewhere and have your alternator checked. They will most likely test your battery anyway because alot of times its the same tester. If your alternaters bad then that could be your problem. Your plugs may not be firing as often as they should which whould rob you of power. Another sign of this is that you might notice that your headlights are not as bright as normal....probably a weak alternator. If thats still not the problem, then check your fuel preassure. You say the rev counter was geting high, how do you mean that....when in gear, the engine runs faster but your speed remain the same? If this is your problem, its probably a bad clutch. Thats just an idea though because you didnt really give me enough info to determine if thats a high possibility though. Post another reply with some more details and maybe I can help you a bit more.

posted by  Matt4895

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  Matt4895

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  Matt4895

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