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would it possibly be that something was on? i heard that would do it.

posted by  drewster

Hello all, yesterday i had a problem with my car. I got a new battery, and new cables for it, i installed the cables (2/4gauge) and when i went to put the cables on the battery it sparked at me, i tried again holding it down, and it fried a wire, or something nearby. What could be the problem?! how does that happen? thank you all for your help. bye

posted by  drewster

Well assuming there was no problem to begin with, which I have to because you didn't say why you did this work, it would be apparent that you hooked something up incorrectly.

Basically there are two options;

1. You attached both cables to ground (it's almost impossible to hook them both up on a positive terminal). Re-check your connections.

2. You hooked them up to the battery backwards.

It would be somewhat easier to help diagnose the problem knowing what smoked when you hooked them up. Saying "a wire or something nearby" just isn't enough info.

posted by  vwhobo

Please try reading my first response!

posted by  vwhobo

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