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I have a problem with the PCM in my Grand Am ... it is not "turning on" the genernator when you first start the vehicle. My mechanic installed [ahem] a "work-around" for it, and that has worked for almost 2 years, but now does not. (The workaround involved connecting the Gen Term L wire (red) from PCM/generator to 12v hot (run through a test light/acts as a resistor) at startup) Since then, I have moved from Tulsa (where my mechanic is) to KC ... I found a couple of salvage yards that have the PCM, but they all tell me I have to take the car to the dealership to reprogram. So I called a couple of GM dealers and tried talking to the service people about whether this is true, and they say "maybe" ?!?!? aarrrgghhh!!

Anyway, is this true? I have the stupid PASSLOCK system (that has locked me out a time or two) and is that why? I remember reading in my mechanic's OnDemand software about replacing the PCM when he first diagnosed my problem and figured the "work-around" and there is no mention of reprogramming. It says to replace the PCM, you swap the EPROM (? like the computer CPU ?) and install the "new" PCM. Attempt to start the vehicle, it will not start due to PASSLOCK. wait 10 minutes, restart, vehicle will start.

Car details:

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE (do not know if SE1 or SE2)
3.4L V6 - automatic

Thanks in advance!


posted by  diazepam

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