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I loaned my 2000 Toyota Camry to acquaintances for two weeks while I was away on holiday. I returned to find that the carpets are all soaking wet. The users claim that they mopped up the water repeatedly with newspapers, only to find that it returned.

The weather was hot and humid. They used the air-conditioning extensively and travelled 2500 miles during this time. They claim that they didn't spill any water or other liquids inside the car.

Is there cause for concern? What could have caused this? Any good solutions for drying it out? (The car is sitting in the sun with the doors open and I have tried vacuuming up as much water is possible.)

Hoping someone might have some insights...


posted by  harlangilbert

Dear folks,

Sorry, I just read your request that an introduction be included in any postings. I am a high school teacher in an independent, holistic school, 45, male, living in New York State.

And my Camry is a 1999 LE.


posted by  harlangilbert

There is a hose that is supposed to direct condensation from the heat exchanger under the dash out of the car and onto the ground. This hose is either blocked or misdirected.

I have heard of people growing mushrooms in their carpets (unintentionally) when they have this problem.

posted by  gravistar

What gravistar said...when the A/C evaporator removes moisture, it condenses on the coils and drips off. The evaporator is housed in (usually) a plastic case, which has a little hole in the bottom with a tube running outside the car. If this tube becomes blocked, the condensation will build up and flow out of the plastic case into the passenger cabin.

posted by  ZanCRX

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