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I have a 93 Chevy Lumina, 3.1 liter engine. When I come to a stop, I will smell a rich, sharp odor (not gas) and the car will die. In addition, when I'm driving the car hesitates and I have to press harder on the gas to get it to go. The problem doesn't seem to be heat related. I have made no attempt at repair yet... I wanted to get the opinion of you fine folks first.

Thanks! Karen

posted by  leogal33

Some possible scenarios here:

1) filthy air filter is causing the engine to starve of air and the fuel/air ratio to become overly rich, causing excessive exhaust fumes
2) Fouled injectors causing a lean mixture, causing the car to run too hot and burning up the catalytic converter, causing excessive exhaust fumes
3) Plugged PCV valve, allowing excessive fuel vapors to accumulate in the crankcase, increasing the pressure inside the crankcase. Eventually this will force oil out of the PCV valve, down the PCV hose, and into the air intake. This oil could either run onto the air filter (fouling it), or be drawn into the engine and burned, causing excessive exhaust fumes
4) Faulty emissions control equipment can cause those symptoms, especially the EGR valve
5) A cracked engine block will allow coolant into the combustion chambers and oil sump, causing it to be burned.

I would check the PCV valve and air filter first, as these are inexpensive and easy repairs that often cause problems.

posted by  ZanCRX

Sounds like a plugged up exhaust. If the smell is like rotten eggs, then your cat converter is plugged. Check to see if the cat is hotter than the rest of the exhaust with a temp guage, or just take it to a muffler shop and have them check it for you.

posted by  HD_Softy

Thanks a bunch for the suggestions. I will check these things and get back with you guys! You're a great help!!


posted by  leogal33

Well, it seems that the problem is probably the ignition control module. I went to a car repair place and they plugged it up to the diagonostic machine and it simply said "insufficient spark". They delved into the problem and deduced it was either the ignition control module and a coil that needed replaced or it was the ECM. We replaced the plugs and plug wires over the weekend to see if that might help (tough job), but unfortunately it did not.

So now, we are looking to replace the ignition control module. I would dearly love to save a buncha cash by installing it ourselves if at all possible. Does anyone have any info to share regarding replacing this module? We think we have located it, but are a bit clueless on how to actually get to it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


posted by  leogal33

I am having the same problem with my 92 buick regal. I replaced the plugs and wires but still it hesitates. any help would be appreciated.

posted by  Dooger13x

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