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Hey Guy's,
We'll I'm from NY. I've used this before but forgot my old username,lol. Anyway, The past week or so I noticed a problem with my tempo. It blows hot air from the floor vents with nothing turned on, and if I flip it to cold it blows out cold air. Now if i press any controls for the heating and cooling it does nothing but blow air hot or cold out (depending on which it is set to) of the desfroster vents. Like let's say I press panel vents and but the blower on high all it does is blow the air out to the windshield defroster or let's say I push floor. The same thing happens. Any idea what is wrong with my :cussing: car?? ,lol


posted by  helpmefixit

You could have a few things happening...however, from the information given:

1) The blower itself is working just fine
2) The heat control valve / heater core is working properly

Since you push buttons to change the vent modes, you probably have an electric (motorized) climate control, which will make it more difficult to fix.

By the way, i'm speaking from experience on a Toyota and a Honda, which may not be exactly the same. However, the systems I have worked on have a large "disc" that rotates and directs the air to different tubes which eventually exit th e dash as vents. Pushing the buttons to change where the air flows out of would send a signal to a motor that turns this "disc". The "disc" may be stuck, the motor to rotate the "disc" may be broken, or the control unit that sends a signal to the motor may be faulty.

posted by  ZanCRX

Yeah, that was what I was thinking. I recently replaced the bottom light that was burnt out for the push button controls and maybe i knocked something loose. But I'm gonna go and check into it. But like you said and I agree it can't be 1 or 2. I'll let you know how I make out :smoke: Dan

posted by  helpmefixit

NO LUCK. :banghead: Now the car is blowing out all the vents full blast with the blower off :screwy: Any ideas :ticking:

posted by  helpmefixit

We'll I guess it's not really full blast now that I messed with it more i see it's not. Any way still need help if anyone can help with this issue i'd appricate it:) Also if it help it's only blow are out with everything off when the car is in motion!!

posted by  helpmefixit

I'm a moron :banghead: :screwy: Sorry i need a spelling lesson, i think,lol :doh: :clap: What I meant to say was: Also if it helps it only blows air out of the vents when the car is in mothin with everything on. However i can still regulate that air for hot or cold. So yeah go figure right :ticking:

posted by  helpmefixit


posted by  helpmefixit

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