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Hey There,

Great Forum. Tons of useful information. I was wondering if someone could give me some possibile reasons why my 1998 Honda Civic recently has started to give me problems.

The problem is this, when I'm driving in the car, doing any speed, the speedometer will go from the speed I'm doing (ie. 40) to 0 and then a few seconds later my car will shut off completely, no red lights. I'm able to bring the car to a stop, place it in neutral or in park (it's an automatic) and start it up.

Now, before I take this car to a mechanic, I'm looking for any possible reasons to this so when I do take it to the mechanic I can't get ripped off or have them replace things that wouldn't be any possible reason. Also, what areas should I have them look at that may be possible reason?

Now, a little background. My father is a mechanic, but he's outdated and everytime he touches my car, something breaks. Prior to this problem, my father had fixed my A/C (added freeon) and prior to that he replaced my alternator (that was the day after Christmas). I don't think these could be linked.

My father fixed my A/C sometime between July 1 and July 15, 2004 and the problem happened twice after. But it didn't do it until today, when it started again and today it did it 3 times. This morning at around 9AM when I coming to a stop at a Red Light making a turn. Today on the way home as I was slowing down and as I was leaving the parking lot. Hmm now as I think about it, the issue surfaces when I begin to break and slow down. Could that be an indication of something?

Any help is truely appreciated!!

Thanks a million!


posted by  LegacyCX

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