1985 Corolla (AE86)...air blows very, very warm.

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Hey all,

I've been working on my air conditioning system for the past few weeks, finally got it up and running. However...it isn't cooling all that well (On an 80 degree day with 92% humidity, the vent temperature was about 23 degrees cooler and 10% less humidity). My car is a 1985 Corolla SR5.

However, I just noticed that the air that blows out of the vent when the A/C is off is pretty warm, probably at least 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. The air is warm entering the blower, even before it reaches the cooling unit or heater core.

This was confirmed because the a/c blows much colder when the car is first started, when the engine is still cold.

Is there some place this much heat could be picked up before it even enters the heater core?


posted by  ZanCRX


posted by  ZanCRX

either the compressor is dead, or one of the A/C lines is leaking and all the gas came out and needs to be refilled, and have that leak fixed. that, or the belt that drives the compressor is worn out or even broke.

posted by  Inygknok

does the car have an a/c compressor clutch pulley that the drive belt wraps around? im pretty sure it does. start the car and turn on max a/c. find the compressor clutch pulley to see if it is turning with the belt. if not then the compressor is bad. if it is, then youre either low on freon or you do have a leak somewhere

posted by  willr

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