Squeky brake pads because they are "too new"???

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I noticed that the brakes were quite squeaky when I was test driving a used car. The seller claims that he just changed the brake pads and that they just need some time to run in. Is this true or that a load of BS?

posted by  facailoh

That does actualy happen. Most repair manuals tell you to use and antisqueal compund on the pads before you reassemble the brakes. As always you should have a used car checked out at a third party mechanic before buying it. There may be other issues with the car. If they are saftey issues, a certified auto dealer is usually required by law to fix them before he lets the car off the lot. He may fix them for you at a discounted price. I saved $600 just by spending 1 hr and $20 for the inspection.

posted by  wizzyb82

As wizzy said, yes that does happen. Usually it happens because someone forgot to use anti-squeal shims, they just put new pads on old rotors, or just didn't break the new pads in properly and now they're glazed and will squeak until the day they need to be replaced. Don't expect the noise to go away. It's also possible that the car didn't have new pads put on and you're hearing the "squealers", basically little metal tabs that are attached to the pad and rub the rotor when the pad gets low...

Does it squeak constantly but go away when you're braking or does it squeak when you are braking???

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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