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New to this so plz bear with me..........

My neon is not running so good and have a few questions.

When I start the vehicle and at idle the car runs fine. With the A/C off it seems to be ok. When I turn the A/C on the car feels like its going to die. Seems like its not getting enough gas or something. If I drive with the A/C on everything seems to run fine. There are no codes, no service engine light, nothing popps up to give any warning. I have taken it to a friend thats a mechanic and he says that it might be the fuel filter. Looked at every store and they dont sell a fuel filter you have to buy a fuel pump to even change it. So right now im out on my mechanic... I have not changed any plugs or wires and dont know if that would help get rid of this problem. My question to all is... What can be causing this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Lost and confused!!! :doh:

posted by  Dasudevil

Having similar, but not identical, issues with my 2001 Neon as well. It starts fine and idles fine, but things start going wrong when you hit the gas pedal. When you accelerate, it starts choking a little, running very rough. Once in awhile, the engine warning light will come on, blink a couple times, and then disappear again for a couple days. It only happens during acceleration, and (if memory serves me correctly) the warning light only comes up after it shifts from 2nd to 3rd, or 3rd to 4th.

And wouldn't you know it, my warranty an out three months ago.

If anyone can offer any insight for me and Dasudevil, I'd appreciate it.

posted by  Rob V.

Ok on the acceleration thing I can help some... :thumbs: Did some tinkering with the engine and tried to figure things out without paying a crap load of money. Heres what I found. :read: In you air intake there is a tiny filter in the rear of the can. Look for it. Should be a yelloish color unless replaced. Mine was that and black. It cost 2.00 at Auto Zone or any parts store. Pick it up. (If you go thru the book to find an exact replacement part you will not find it.) Bring the filter with you and look for the same size ( PVC breater filter ). I put mine in and it ran about 5x better. I also changed the plugs and wires. At 60000 miles the plugs were shot. Replace them if you have more or about the same mileage. I also took it a step further and upgrades the wires. Believe me IT HELPED ALOT. :thumbs: :thumbs: I no longer have the same issue like you have adnd you should be driving :driving: with confidence that your neon wont die on you. With your service engine light... I dont know I didnt have that issue. My suggestion if you have an Auto Zone they will check the engine codes for you free of charge. See if they can do that. Something might pop up when they check. Might have an issue with the trani. However the things I did with my car made a huge improvement as should yours. I hope this works for you. Give me a hollar if it dont. I can always ask my dealership that I work for what else could be causing that problem.

posted by  Dasudevil

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