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I checked my spark plugs today and they are white on the ground strap only. Sorta greyish white, not 100% white. I thought a tanish brown is the optimum color for the correct combustion occuring. Is there something specific is the spark plug is a little white? 85 Olds cutlass Ciera 3.8L V6

posted by  speedy266

Sounds like it's running lean. It could also mean that you're using plugs that are too hot: it may need cooler plugs.

It's probably best to check with an exhaust gas analyser, though: plug reading is apparently upset slightly by some of the modern fuel additives, but it's something I still use!

posted by  heebee

i justfound out i was given spark plugs for the 86-88 3.8L. My 85 3.8L has iron heads. 86-88 has aluminum heads. I compared both spark plugs side by side and the one recommended for my engine has a reach(threaded portion) half the size of the ones i was given. Theres no mechanical damage to the spark plugs of the piston hitting it. Would that cause the temps to rise at idle?

posted by  speedy266

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