Unstable Idle in 97 Mazda Protoge

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i just sold my camero for a 97 Mazda Protoge LX 94,000mi

it runs fine but at stops the idle drops below 1000 rpms and car shakes for a minute and then goes back to normal idle could it be the TPS?

posted by  colinlesser

trouble codes?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

could be iac motor. sounds like car may not be taking in enough air at idle. been having a lot of those lately where i work because of all the humidity making the idle air motors stick. but it definately does sound like its not taking in enough air in idle. clean throttle body, check iac motor is what i would do.

posted by  willr

ok one ore thing, it doesnt always do it

posted by  colinlesser

what has the weather been like around there lately?

posted by  willr

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