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I just took my car to get inspected and it failed for the back up lights. I thought, no problem, it would be a fuse or a bulb but I can't figure out where the problem is. I checked the fuse and the fuse box for disconnections and each bulb and the wiring to the lights. I don't know where to go from here. Any ideas?

posted by  scottal123

do brake lights, hazard lights and turn signals work? i would pull a wiring book because on some cars, they all run through a multi-function switch right below the steering wheel in the steering column. if thats the case then you may have a bad circuit in the multi-function switch

posted by  willr

yes all the other lights and light funtions work

posted by  scottal123

your problem is definately electrical. its gotta be a wire somewhere or if the backup lights run through the multi-function switch then that could be the problem. id ask a certified VW technician to see if that system does go through the switch and if so, that could definately be a problem. i had one the other day that the turn signals worked, parknig lamps worked, but only the third brake light worked and not the lower two and the hazard lights were inop. the multi-function switch was bad in that one so it could be this ones problem too. but ask a good VW tech if the backup lights go through the multi-function switch and if they do, could that circuit be bad in the switch.

posted by  willr

If you have an automatic,

you problem is the neutral safety switch, or the connection to it.

I had a 1981 VW van automatic ( sort of rare) that that happened to. Weird as it sounds. It is on the housing of the transmission.

My experience is however from a very different sort of vehicle, although also a volkswagen.

posted by  stamar

I finally figured it out. I did look in the engine compartment for any loose connections but didn't spent enough time there. I assumed(stupid) that the problem was either at the lights or the fuse box. The problem was the reverse switch at the transmission(manual) was loose. Two seconds to fix zero dollars. Sometimes I make myself laugh. :lol:

posted by  scottal123

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