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how could i get good hands on exp. right now im in auto class but i want more tell me how i could please

posted by  motorhead399

just messing around with your own vehicles could help you understand more about how the car works and what systems and modules are linked to each other. the thing most people have problems with is fixing electrical problems because pretty much everything else is something you can see that is wrong. so just mess with this and unplug that see what happens so if you encounter it in the future you might know where to start fixing it.

posted by  willr

1) Buy yourself a junker and fix it up.
2) Get a job as an apprenice technician.
3) Get a job in a junk yard pulling parts.

posted by  theman352001

Just a thought: Many non-profit organizations solicit cars as donations. People often turn over non-functioning cars to these charities to get them off their driveways and take a tax deduction, too.

These cars are sold at auction, often at rediculously low prices. I still kick myself for passing up on a 91 Accord EX I saw recently at such an auction. The valve cover was removed, but the body was straight and the upholstery was clean. I think I could have picked it up for a couple hundred bucks. It would have been a great car for my teenage son to play with.

posted by  gravistar

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