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Is there any possible way that the transmission fluid can leak into the engine oil. I know this sounds crazy but has anyone had this problem before. I do not have a problem with engine coolant leaking or a lose of gas mileage only that the transnission is loosing fluid and the engine oil level is rising. Quite bizzare.

posted by  bean329

That is odd. The two systems are usually separate with no way of swapping fluids. The only possible way I could think of would be if there was a shared engine oil / transmission fluid heat exchanger in front of the radiator.

Generally, there is no extra oil cooler and the transmission fluid goes through the radiator with the coolant (in separate tubes) for extra cooling. I have had an issue where the radiator fractured and I mixed coolant and trans fluid.

I do have one GM radiator on my '91 Blazer that has all three built into it. The trans lines run in from the passenger side and the oil lines run in from the drivers side. You may have this in your vehicle also.

I would look to see if you have this type of radiator, or some extra radiator. If you do, that is your culprit and it needs to be replaced.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

I do have a radiator that cools the engine oil and the tranny fluid. But I am assured the tubes are on each end of the radiator core and do not touch each other.

posted by  bean329

They may not touch each other on the ends but what about inside the radiator? I am not positive on the schematics for the radiator but it is the only common component between the two systems. :2cents:

posted by  theman352001

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