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my other one got deleted somehow. i think they deleted the whole thread instead of just the one post i acciedently doubled.

But my oil light is still on. Oil pump didnt fix it, main bearings made it worse. Before and after oil pump removal and installation the oil light would flicker at under 1000 rpms when hot. After I installed main bearings, the oil light now stays on at under 1500 rpms when hot. I was thinking about putting a crank kit in to see if that helped. The problem is definately low pressure, but I cant pinpoint the problem. Anyone have any ideas before i go wasting $100 and an hour or two to do this?

posted by  willr

havent been able to get to post. just got back from vacation. but the pressure is way off. i know thats the problem. would a crank kit have a decent chance of fixing it though?? wanna know before i waste money and time just like i did on those bearings :cussing:

posted by  willr

Did you put a pressure gage on the engine?????
What is the pressure????
Did you check the oil pressure relief valve, located near the oil filter. It's purpose is to return oil to the oil pan if the filter stops up. You have changed the filter haven't you.

posted by  jcutsh

I am having the same problem, except it was the oil pressure switch. I am replacing it and the oil light should stay off after that. Maybe this will help you before you spend $100. I spent $5.

posted by  lbabaz

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