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Hey guys...

I've got a 1989 Eagle Summit which recently had it's Alternator belt begin squeaking and then break. I have since gone through several belts with the same effect. Any clue what is happening? The squeaking only happens when the belt is wet or damp (nightly condensation makes pulling out for work in the morning cringe inducing).

Any suggestions or ideas on a way to fix this would be helpful and please dumb it down, I am not a car guy in any way shape or form. Thanks in advance!

posted by  foo234

First of all, check to see if the belt uses any other pulleys (a/c, power steering, water pump). Check to see if any of those are seized up. With the belt off and the engine off, the pulleys should spin freely except for the crank, if not then you've found your problem. Also check to make sure that your belts are aligned straight. That could also tear it up too.

posted by  HD_Softy

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