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I have a 1989 chevy 1500 pickup. It had a 305 with a tubro 400 transmission. I put a 350 with a carb in the truck. The truck ran fine for about six months and then one day the transmission started slipping. It did this for a few miles and than it quit all together. I changed the filter and the oil. The transmission would work if you ran the rpms way up. I broke down the transmission and changed the seals and the clutch bands and put another torque convertor on. Now the transmission will go into gear but it still slips and will enganges hard when you give it gas but then will disengage. Is there something that I have not done or should do. Is the transmission had it or is it something else. Someone please help me.

posted by  steph9118

Hi , you might have a governor sticking ,take it out and clean it ,on side of trans under round cap held on with a spring . have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

Sounds like your 400 Transmission was not built properly. Maybe you forgot a lip seal when you put it together. Both foward and direct drums require 3 lip seals, one in the drum and two on the piston. If you forget one, cut one, or put one on upside down, it won't work right. Also you could have broken a sealing ring when you built it, either on the center support or on the pump. Go get a transmission repair manual from a transmission parts store and read to see if you put it together right. I personally think you missed something inside. Good luck

posted by  HD_Softy

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