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This is my situation: I've added too much fuel injector cleaner (double dosage) into my petrol and are experiencing the following problems:

- Car will not start properly without a good revving
- After over-revving the car after 5 mins performance is close to normal
- During those 5 mins thick smoke is produced, then disappears
- during those 5 mins, engine sounds like it's choking.

Should I take it to the mechanics or run out the petrol?

Any help is appreciated :)

posted by  DavidRoddy

Keep running the old fuel out and as you do fill up often so dilute it as much as you can. I dont think it would have caused any harm to any of your components. Which Injector cleaner did you use?? Id only reccommend "Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner & Upper Cylinder Lubricant" You cant overdose on that stuff. Works really good! And 1 quart of it can treat 100Gallons.

posted by  speedy266

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