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I need some help. I have a check engine light problem. The code calls for 02 sensor replacement. Trouble is, it calls for 2 of them. They are very expensive, and I have been told ther is a 'FIX' that you can buy and put in the circuit that fools the computer into thinking the 02's are ok. Has anyone ever heard of such a 'FIX' or is this just wishful thinking? I forgot to say this is a 1997 Chevy PU 5.7. Hope someone can help.
P. M. Rickard
Central City, Ky 42330

posted by  sugarboy43

1. There is no DTC that calls for O2 sensor replacement, doesn't exist, never did. You may have a DTC that detects a problem within the system but that's all. Did you have codes pulled by someone with experience or someone with a tool to do it? There is a difference.

2. No, there is no way to bypass the O2 sensors. Ask the person who gave you that info to please provide a manufacturers name or a link to me. I'd love to see it.

3. Bad news. Your truck doesn't have two O2 sensors it has four. Double you pleasure, double your fun.

Please don't think I'm being an ass but whoever is giving you this info appears to be clueless. My guess is you went to Autozone and had a minimum wage flunky plug in for free. Remember they're in the bussiness of selling parts not repairing cars (or trucks). If you supply me with the codes I can and will be of more service.

posted by  vwhobo

Code was 141 and repair book says it is 02 sensors. Yes I do know there are more than 2 in the system. pmrick@netquake.net

posted by  sugarboy43

Ah grasshopper, code P0141 HO2S heater circuit, bank 1 sensor 2. That is the left downflow sensor. Notice the description refers to the heater circuit, not the sensor itself although it could be a bad sensor. Get underneath and check to see if the sensor connector is clean and in good shape. Also check the harness to see if it has chafed or burned through.

If you don't find anything upon inspection clear the code and see if it comes back. If it does come back you obviously have more investigating to do. OBD II vehicles can sometimes be hyper sensitive to sensor input. I've seen this code set on Chevy trucks just because water had gotten trapped inside the connector.

posted by  vwhobo

Oops! I said downflow went I meant downstream. Hope this didn't cause any confusion.

posted by  vwhobo

have never got burnt on heater fault code buy replacing o2 sensors,replace the sensors and be done with it! could have another issue but not common

you can put a resister in place of the o2 sensor to trick the computer to think its rich or lean to change the fuel ratio, big 5.0l mustang trick (dumps more gas)
but will probly throw check engine light on?(goes faster who cares if lights on)
and would have nothing to do with a heater fault!

posted by  rainmann13

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