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Hey watzup.

I own a 95 chrysler neon... Which sorta has a weird color to it. I figured I mite aswell paint it myself instead of paying a buncha money out to get it done... So here's my question!

In my understanding... I'm going to sand it all down, apply 2 coats of primer then let it dry over night, then the next morning I'll apply a few coats of black spray paint until I feel it's covered properly.

My questions are....

I'm planning on using just regular outdoor spray paint to paint my car. Is this possible?

How much should I sand it down? Does it have to be RIGHT down to the metal? What grit should I use?

There is a plastic part at the bottom of my car... Can that be painted with the same paint? Does it have to be sanded?

Thx alot in advance.


posted by  Genon

Hi GENON,my name is Bill alias bigmax,i'm a new member also,If i can offer some advice:- 1.Black is the colour which most shows any imperfections in the cars body,ie.,any dents or irregularities in the body will show up more than any other colour.2 Paint an old car first to get some practice.3If the paint that is already on the car is in good condition then only a light sand to provide a 'KEY' for the new paint to adhere to is needed.4.Apply 2 coats of primer with a very light sand between coats.5.Apply 2 or 3 coats of colour,allow to dry thoroughly then sand with 1200 grit using plenty of soapy water,then wash the car so that it is very clean.6Allow to dry,then blow of the entire car with air,blowing out all the crevises and spaces between doors ,fenders and around the hood and trunk.7.Apply 3 coats of clear and allow to dry ,sand using 1500grit wet/dry paper,and apply 2 more coats,allow this to dry thoroughly then leave for a week then cut and polish the clear.Remember to use all the same products so that they are compatible with eachother.There is a specific primer for the plastic parts then spray as I have said.Imay have missed something but I'm sure someone else will help with some more advice as mine is mean't to promote discussion.Regards Bill

posted by  bigmax

OMG this is going to be a disaster :banghead: Why dont you do the correct thing and take it in where ppl who know what they are doing can do it right. I mean........ i dont know where to start........

posted by  Voda48

Spraying a car... ive tried that 1. okies it may cost a bunch but it depends on what finish you want.. and how good you are with a spray gun.. dont use a can of spray there just rubbish n spit everywhere leaving bloggy marks on the car.. :banghead: . To be honest id get it done properly.

posted by  Lukaz

This sounds difficult as hell, Genon. But I'm totally curious as to the outcome! Did you decide to paint it yourself, if so, please post an update about how you finally got it done, what tools you had to buy or had already, etc. I'm also interested in doing this, but just for the hood of my car.

posted by  JaneiR36

If you want to do it yourself do it right. You need to make a dust proof room though. A compressor, spray gun, hose and Acrylic Laquer paint of your choice(works best for beginners and where there is small traces of dust) as well as the proper primer, and wax/silicon remover, lots of sandpaper of 400 and 600 grit, masking tape and masking paper.

Since you seem like you want to do a quick and sloppy job, you can do it this way and it will turn out good actually. First, wash the car very good. Second, wash the car with wax and silicon remover. Dry it off and start the sanding. Start with your finer grit, around 400, maybe dip slighty into the 300s. Sand the entire car in the same direction. NOT IN CIRCLES. Once you have sanded it, wash it with wax and silicon remover again. Dry it. Then sand it again with 600 grit. Wash with silicon and wax remover. Wipe the entire car down with CLEAN CLEAN cloth. Don't put ANY finger prints on the car. Mask up your car in every place you don't want the paint to be applied. Once it is wiped off of all dust and sanding remains, you can shoot on the sandable primer. Let it dry for whatever length of time is recommended. Sand it when it's dry with 600 grit paper gently. Wipe the car with cloth again to get off sanding remains. (do not touch primer with fingers, let water get on the primer or anything other than clean cloth). Now you can shoot on the acrylic laquer top coat. Shoot it on in your booth (plastic "tent". wash the inside with water and wet the floor, then push in your car. Make sure every grain of dust is gone from the car. Every inch sanded gently for a gentle rough surface.) After it dries, take it out of the booth. Your hard worked over paint job will now look like hell and you will hate me. Get out your 600 grit sand paper, grab the water hose and gently sand, sand, sand (wet sand) sand, sand, sand,sand the new dried paint. Dont ever sand a spot where there is no running water over the paint. After it's sanded to a complete glass smoothness, STOP SANDING. wash the car off with water. Buff it with buffing compound. Wash it with soap and water. Wax it. Your done and it will be beautiful.

posted by  DodgeRida67

hi, i am planing to paint my sentra 96, it is black and i want to paint it white. i read your post, it helps a lot :thumbs: but i still have still question, i got all the tools and stuff, now the thing bother me the most is the paint, how can i get the right paint, there are so many type, like primer, acrylic laquer top coat, base coat, paint mixing, it is so confused. i went the my local paint store, they sell the base coat for 500 dollars. well, i bet they make 250 out of it. so do you know where to get the paint cheaper? i don't mean getting the cheap paint, i found some paint for like 80 bucks on ebay for one QT. i don't think they will come out to a good result. you know, for all that hard work, i want to have a good result. you think buying paint online is cheaper, there is like tons of paint store online, and i don't know what paint, how much i needed. i am lost in the forest man. please help! :screwy:

posted by  my sentra

The more I have to look at that ugly hood of my car, the more I think of this topic.

I have a few questions myself about some of the tools required. The most difficult resource by far for me to obtain would have to be a dust proof room. We don't even have a garage, I park my car on the driveway. So, say I did find a garage to use, would I need to take any steps in particular to dust-proof it? Or is there a particular type of room that's already dust-proof?

And then some of the other items like compressor, spray gun, and hose, are these items that can be rented? They seem expensive...

I imagine I wouldn't need that much paint and stuff, seeing as I only plan on doing a little bit of the car...

posted by  JaneiR36

My mate sprayed his VN commodore, it looked shit so he decided to spray it.
Anyway he did the two coats of primer, then did a few coats of blue. Tried sanding it back adding a few more coats and it just doesnt look good.
Didnt really turn out shinny either. :banghead:
Its alot of effort your probably better to pay someone to spray it for you unless you are confident that u can make it look good.
My mates sucked lol.
Thats My Two :2cents:
Good luck with it mate :thumbs:

posted by  spongey

You even could paint it with a brush. :laughing:

posted by  lutz

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