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im fixing this 93 escort as a favor for a little old couple in there 80s. the head lights have becom inop and i have checked all the fuses but i cannot find a relay that would be associated normally with this system. i do have parking lights and have checked all the bulbs. if you know where this realay is located or know why i may be fighting this please tell!!!!! thanks eric

posted by  gold sho

it depends on what kind of car you have. there are under hood fuses and relays and then under the driver and passenger dash on mine. I have a couple of headlight fuses. usually they are under the hood or under the drivers side. in the manual it should tell you exactly where the fuses and relays you want are located

posted by  GR4VD1GRB1LL

i bet he figured it out somewhere in the last 2 years...:banghead: check your dates...

posted by  dodger65

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