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Hopefully, someone can give me some advice.

I have a 96 Neon. It won't start intermittently. It'll be fine for a day or two but then won't start at all for about a day. Go back out the next day and it works fine again.

The engine cranks and has plenty of power. The check engine code flashes 43 twice. According to the code book that means a multiple cylinder misfire.

I checked the coil with a timing light and noticed that it receives no fire when it's having trouble starting. A mechanic said I needed to replace the coil, cam sensor, and crank sensor so I had him do that. $480 later it's still having the same issue. I also had the plugs and plug wires replaced.

I've not been able to correlate the non-starting to anything. It seems to happen at very random times but I think that maybe it has more trouble when it's very warm outside.

One more thing. The car runs superb when it starts. There's never a problem with stalling or loss of power. Any ideas? Thanks.

posted by  Trotter

The onboard system always flashes a double 43 when it has trouble starting. The mechanic said he hooked his computer up to mine and reported something similiar along the lines of the coil not firing. So he recommended replacing the coil and two sensors mentioned in my first message.

After having made about ten trips to the mechanic I gave up on him. I think the car definitely has more difficulty starting during hot days. I'm going to try replacing the ASD relay hoping that yield a positive result. I'm also considering switching the computer out.

Any suggestions?

posted by  Trotter

I have a 1996 Neon too and I used to have the same problem. My mechanic cleaned out the ignition, where you insert the key, with a can of spary air. He siad they get dusty at times and will prevent it from starting. I havent had it happen again since.

posted by  Donl

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