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Is there an easy way to tell what size a turbo is? I'm running a GReddy TD06-25G, a friend of mine wants to get a GReddy T78-33D, can anyone tell me what the size difrence is between the two?

Thanks in advance

posted by  Phelan


posted by  Phelan

What size of what you are looking for ??
Bosst , Turbo it self , emplers ?????

posted by  Camaro 77

Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific, He wants to know if it will fit under his hood and how many parts he will have to relocate to do so, so first of all, Size of the acutal Turbo, I want to know wich one will have higher boost.....

And I dont even know what emplers are.... the exhast? throw me a bone please, thanks.

posted by  Phelan

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