Mystery 84 Ford Tempo Problem

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:banghead: My beater car for commuting to work. It sat for two years with the previous owner before I got it. My rear tire blew about a month ago and when that happened, the inertia switch was triggered (as a safety precaution)...I soddered the wires back together and it seems to have been working fine. Just recently, I am now having problems with restarting the car after it has been driven. (i.e. I drive to work and try to get gas before work and the car won't start) After it cools for a little while, it will start up again. Then when it warms, it won't. And so on.

Is there any way it could be the fuel pump? Or maybe something is getting overheated and it has to wait to cool?!?


posted by  Favre76

It may be possible that it is the Starter ?soluniod? (if I wrote that right)relay or a bad groung battery cable to the engine block or car groung

posted by  kidrandy

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