few replacement Q's - 93 Holden VP commodore & another for the excel.

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Some of you american guys might not know what this car is, but its similar to the ford falcon, have a look on the net for it. if this car is sold in america what is its name there?

Its my ma's car 400 000k's and recently overheated one to many times, soon to be mine if i can talk my way through it. the radiator is being replaced, and an engine replacement. my questions are...

the timing belt is rooted, will they replace that with the engine aswell?

same goes with water pump ( i think) is this built into parts of the engine & get replaced with a new engine?

for some reason when it got towed home - the left side lights just didnt work, headlights, brakes, and indicators. would we need an auto electrician to look at it and rewire the whole thing? approx how much would it cost.

if i say wanted brighter lights in all the indicators and headlights etc, is it just as easy as buying higher Voltage bulbs?

and heres one for the excel, 92 LS model.

the lines that run across the back of the back windscreen, that help with the demisting. mine dont work, what do i have to look at to see why they arent working, im not exactly master of everything car realted so would it be an easy job? I also need to replace the cigarette lighter because its just busted out of the dash. any instructions how to do this would be appreciated.

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posted by  Bleaaargh

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