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My car is a 2004 Lexus IS300. Now I've only done this twice because 1) I had to stop immediately to not hit the car in front of me and 2) the light turned from yellow to red faster than I expected so I had to stop really quickly.

Even though it's only happened twice, I am a bit worried and won't forget that sound.

It happens when I brake from about 20-30 mph to a complete stop in a short amount of time. As my car is about to stop, there comes this creaking/grinding sound that comes from my brakes. It's a disturbing sound and especially uncharacteristic of my car.

Now I know that hard braking like that is bad for your brakes regardless, but it was unavoidable in those situations. But none of my other two older family cars do that when I brake hard. Also, on the IS300 forums, people brag about how great the brakes are, and other than my problem, I have no complaints.

Is this problem worth talking to the dealer about? Heck, is this a problem at all?

posted by  MaChao

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