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Good Afternoon,

My electric fan motor for the radiator died a horrible death moments after the final payment was completed (thanks AWU you rule). I can find some after market brands to replace it will, but I know my resale/trade value will drop because of it. Any ideas where I can get an actual fan motor to replace the burned out one and make it look stock?

Also, there is a fancy electrica connector that connect this fan to I believe the fan relay switch. How can I get this disconnected without breaking the darn thing?

Any help would be great!


posted by  texmansru47

The connector comes apart very hard. Pull the red locking tab until it clicks and then squeeze and pull the lower part of the connecter downward. It's not easy getting both hands in there. There are replacement fans in some of the online parts sites, but you've probably sold the jeep by now.

My 1999 JGC has the fan and it has never worked - only the mechanical temperature controlled fan has worked. So I am looking for help! I pulled the connector and hot wired the fan directly to the battery and it runs fine. I have a Hayes Manual and it does have troubleshooting tips on the electric fan. The relay is the next probable cause for my problem - but I can't find it. In the manual it's shown near the right front tire. Does anyone have experience here? Thanks in advance!

posted by  KingTopDog

The relay for the cooling fan on the Jeep Grand Cherokee is located under the right front headlight. To replace mine, I took out the headlight and cut a hole in the plastic radiator support. You can look in from the engine compartment and see the relay under the headlight, however, there is no way to get any tool in there to remove the mounting screws. After I cut the hole using a Roto-Zip tool, I removed the two screws holding the relay in, plugged in the new relay and reinstalled the two screws. I saved the peice that I cut out of the radiator support and epoxied it back in place. After the headlight is reinstalled, you cant see where you cut the hole to access the relay. It is completely covered by the headlight. Hope this helps....

posted by  tay6309

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