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I was driving down the road the other day in my 91 olds cutlass ciera when the "charge battery" light came on, the car began to run very sluggish like it was going to stall, when I hit the gas it was very unresponsive, when I got to my destination and turned the car off it would not restart, all I hear is ticking when I turn the key. Any suggestions? Thanks.

posted by  scj6771

First check and make sure that the connectors on the battery are tight and that there is good contact and that the terminals are clean (no green powder). Then if that wasn't the problem go to a parts store like autozone or Advance auto parts and have them check the battery. If the battery checks okay then go home and pull out the alternator. you will have to loosen the belt and then remove and couple of bolts to get the alternator out. take it to the same store and have them test the alternator. If it is bad replace it. If you need more info just say so. Or check out a service manual for a more detailed porcedure.

posted by  wizzyb82

Get a boost and see how long ur car runs for. If ur alternator is original it might be time for changing. How long has it been since uve changed the battery? ac delcos last about 5-6 years under normal use.

Hey you were talking about the green stuff. When i changed my battery last weekend (AC Delco biggest one that could fit in my 85 ciera 1000CA 850CCA) i saw a good amount of that on my positive terminal, i tryed to cut and scrap it off but its very hard to get off. What exactly is it, easy way to take it off? im just thinking about buying new cables positve and negative.

posted by  speedy266

as crazy as it seems, a simple can of coca cola and a tooth brush will get rid of the green "gunk". baking soda and water will do the same

posted by  gold sho

i'll try that. Do wires go bad after a long period of time? More resistance? The metal in the wire starts getting some sort of build up or corrosion? After i cleaned as much of that green stuff off as i could i noticed a pretty big performance change.

posted by  speedy266

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