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I own a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI. The turbo has been cracked on it and I wish to replace it. I have found a good deal on a mitsubishi turbo model number MD 304980. This turbo is apparently for anautomatic will this fit a standard? I have asked numerous mechanics and the majority say yes should be no difference and a few have not been sure. I have called Mitsubishi parts ppl but the 2 different ones have not beenable to give me a deffinate yes or no. Hoping someone will be able to help if this one works I will be saving $1500.00 thanx in advance withthe help.

posted by  Jade Priest

My brother and I have done a few turbo cars and have never seen a difference between a auto and standard turbo. Anyways any difference would be in the brackets which you could get from your old one.

posted by  abe_97GTP

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