auto seatbelts in my ford won't work

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i have a ford escort 1992, and the auto seatbelts wouldn't work when i got the car, they have stoped right in the middle of the window, and the fuse, is still in, it makes nose, but never moves, can it be fixed are just replace them both they look like they work indepently :ticking: HELP ME PLEASE

posted by  mindonni

That happened on my car too. It happens when you hit the brakes and open the door while the car is still in gear. The motor whats to move but the seatbelt wont give any slack becasue you are hitting the brakes. What worked for me is to hit the emergency release on the sliding mechanism and then open and shut the door while the car is on then reconect the seatbelt.

posted by  wizzyb82

Hi, This happens when the cable that runs the belt goes bad ,needs to be replaced ,check your local junk yard,or call a dealer junk yard is a LOT cheaper, not a hard job to change. Good luck Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

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