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I have a 1982 Honda Prelude Si which surprising has 300,000 miles on it. Though for some reason now when I turn the car it's making this really loud clicking noise, and the steering wheel vibrates. Other than that the car is fine, but I don't know anything about cars at all. I am wondering , first what it is, and secondly if it's something I can do myself, or if I should just scrap the car. I don't have much money, and the car was actually given to me from a friend.

I would really appreciate any help!!!


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posted by  jovial

It sounds like a power steering issue. I would first check the power steering fluid resivior and make sure that there is fluid. Also check if it is foaming. If there is not enough fluid refill with special fluid for Hondas. and then turn wheel from side to side with car running. Chck for any leaks in the engine comp. or under the car. If no leaks check if fluid is foaming. If it is then you will likely need to replace the powere steering pump. IF not then it is the sterring rack and will be exopensive to fix at a shop if you don't do it yourself. If it is between junking the car and trying it yourself I would give it a try. See if you can take it apart if you can then buy the parts and put it back together.

posted by  wizzyb82

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