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DRL is an acronym for Daytime Running Lights. While not directly familiar with the Canadian model Accord (US spec Hondas don't have DRL's) this sounds like it should be normal operation. DRL's do use the high beam circuit, usually at about 35-50% normal voltage. They also have an indicator light on the dash (usually green) when they are on. Obviously when the headlights are turned on the DRL's go off and the indicator light with them.

My concern is when you say they work "most of the time". Please expand on that statement and in the meantime I'll see if I can access a wiring diagram for your car to get a better handle on operation of the system.

posted by  vwhobo

Hello All ...

I'm hoping someone may have encountered this problem before.

This applies to Canadian model Honda Accords 90-93, but may be a general Accord problem at the same time.

The "DRL" warning light stays on while driving. According to the manual this indicates a burnt out high beam light. A high beam light was indeed burnt out and was changed and works ... most of the time.

The DRL light still stays illuminated though while driving. The only time this warning light switches off is when the headlights are switched on for night driving.

I'm thinking there may be a faulty wire somewhere, or, I know in the case with some cars, there has to be something that needs reseting in order for the light to switch off.

Any ideas, Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

posted by  kovacsa

Hey .. thanks for the response ... what I mean by "most of the time" is that it when I first turn the ignition to position number II, the high beam bulb that was replaced does not come on. Only after playing around with the lights a bit it comes on. Basically .. I switch it to the off position, the mid position and then the night light position and pull hte lever for the high beam, and then they come on. Weird eh?

Any chance it being the battery termial needs to be disconnected to reset it?

I also received this response elsewhere ... how does this sound?

"This happenned to me this winter. You need to change your DRL controller box. It's close to the fusebox, but can't tell you where exactly, since it's not me who changed it. It takes 5 minutes to change. Doesn't cost too much either."

Thanks again for your help,


posted by  kovacsa

The research I've done indicates that the DRL module is a known problem child. The three Canadian techs I've talked to about this say that 99% of the time any time you have trouble with the DRL's it's the module.

I can't get to specific about relacement having never done it myself. However I can tell you it is under the dash right by the steering column. Also that it has a 14 pin connector. Hope this helps.

posted by  vwhobo

Hi all:

I was able to repair the DRL module on my '92 Accord. Here's how:
- First locate it under the dash (on the far left side, it had a blue connector attached to it and was labeled something to the effect of "Day Time Running Lights".
- Unplug the connector and remove the DRL module ( I had to cut the plastic case off of the metal bracket.
- Remove the PCB from the plastic case and you should be able to see some cracked solder joints on the board.
- Resolder these joints, reassemble the unit and replace it under the dash.

This saved me $135 cdn for the component and $70 cdn labour!

Good luck!

posted by  rdebre

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