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Hi,this is my first post,& hope you'll be able to help..

The car is a Daewoo Matiz 800cc,& it and it's losing water.
I havent got a clue where from,ive checked all the hose's,radiator etc,but theres no sign of a leak.
It dont overheat, & the guage doesnt go above the usual ½ way mark.but you can smell the water/antifreeze whilst driving.

hope you can help,
thanx from london ;)

posted by  Arthur Gram

I found the problem,it's a leak on the heater :banghead:

Now ive got to pull the dashboard out,to fix it.

posted by  Arthur Gram

Hi, Now do you smell antifreeze out the exhaust or under the hood? daewoo's had some problems with thermostat houseing leaking and comeing apart, might check there and also check water pump. have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

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