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I have a 1997 Ford Fiesta, 5 Door, Petrol 1.3.

I am trying to install central locking, I have a MAPLINS 4 DOOR UNIVERSAL kit... Just a few questions...

I have just opened up the inside of one of the panels of my car doors to get a feel...

1) there is some protective stuff holding some sort of foam around the soor, its like foam glue - anyone know what this is so i can glue the foamy stuff back after I am done?

2) How can I put the controller thing under the dash? the wires seem very lonmg, do you think i could get away with leaving it in the drivers door?

3) Where do I connect the red and black wires to and how (the battery but where abouts?)

4) and the biggest stumbling block, how do i hide all the wires in the door? for example, how will i get the wires into the back doors? I am guessing the wires will have to come out of the doors at some point because the door splits from the rest of the car so where do the wires go..?


posted by  khaled

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