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I just put in a new altenator in a 1995 chevy corsica. How the hell do I get the serpentine belt back on it is tight as hell. Is there a tension thing i can relase and tighten? If so where is it?

posted by  helpmefixit

Never mind.. I found the pully :laughing: :fu:

posted by  helpmefixit

I am about to make the same alternator swap on a 94 Corsica. I am looking for the way to release the tension on the serpentine belt and then how to set the tension when I am done.
Your last post said you found it. Is it the small wheel down and to the left of the alternator?

posted by  jimbo

I have a 90 -- 4 cyl corsica and I am having trouble finding the tension release on the serptine belt. Where did you find it??

posted by  Rusty76

release the tensioner

posted by  barretire

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