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yes ive seen maaco work, it IS bunch of crap. and i agree about the black, it shows every problem, but white also shows all the crap on the exterior.

posted by  StreetRacer

OK this is whats up. I got an 86' pontiac 6000 and it probally isnt worth 500$ but i got alot of s@*t that i am putting on it to make it nice like rims,wing,lowering springs,tires,engine dress up kit,interior dress up kit ,seats,etc..... but the thing on my mind is paint. Im thinking about taking it to MAACO to get it painted jet black and i was wondering how good a job Maaco does. So anybody with any who has had anybody wit a suggestion or have gotten their car painted by Maaco please reply to htis psot :?

posted by  ChronicThugPimp

I don't know if you want to call this a suggestion but..... Unless the bodywork is dead straight don't paint it black. Black shows every flaw and imperfection on a car. The lighter the color the more you can get away with.

I've never had a car painted at Maaco (paint my own) but I've been told if you do your own prep work discount places like that can do a pretty good job shooting. Like any other paint job it's 60% prep, 25% who's doing the shoot, and 15% quality of material. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

maaco is crap, dont go to them, unless you pay them extra, they usally dont even primer it or anything... they juststart spraying (thats in my accounts) try and find someone that has car painting stuff... oh and something that looks really cool but REALLY expensive, you prolly already know, but camillion paintjobs are sick... cost *cough cough* like $500 per pint, or something like that

posted by  mazda6man

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