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Hi all,

My '90 Taurus is on the fritz, out of nowhere today some electrical components inside the cabin stopped working. I checked all the fuses and they are just fine. No wiring was tampered with except when I removed my cd deck to solder the new wiring harness/adapter to the wiring for the stereo, because it kept coming apart, despite the electrical tape. I soldered all the wires together complete with electrical tape and then plugged everything back in. As soon as I started the car, the following did not work:

1. The door chimes that go off when the door is open and the key is in the ignition.

2. Dome light and map lights, interior lights on near the bottom of the doors.

3. Stereo

4. Gauge cluster lights.

5. Half the lock. The green background on the clock lights up, but the digits do not appear.

Like I said, I checked all the fuses, and they're fine. I even replaced a couple just in case, but nothing changed. Everything else works perfectly fine, power windows, the gauges themselves, everything under the hood.

This is insanely frustrating, especially considering I recently had to fix the P/S resevoir seals, battery, and alternator. I'm sick of this crap popping up on me in such close succesion! :cussing:

ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!

posted by  Bloody August

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