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Hello im new to this forum So hello to everyone, My problem is with a 1999 2.0 4 cylinder VW Jetta, what happened was I was getting a jump start with a battery booster at 125amps and what happened when I turned the key to to start it I heard a loud Pop then I saw some smoke come out of the key switch, so now I turn the key and nothing happens no radio no lights and most of the electric stuff that the key turns on doesnt work anymore, but the headlights do turn on and some lights that do not require the key to turn them on, I checked the fuses and 3 of them popped so I put some new ones and it popped again all 3 of them, I opened the bottom where the steering wheel is located and no signed of burned cables. So my question is What could be cousing this problem could it be the key switch? And why do you think the fuses keep on burning out everytime i change them? What could be the problem Please help Im sorry for such a long post, Thank you very much for your help

posted by  Mike11

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