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I have a 2000 Saturn SC that has started overheating all the time (on the freeway, in town). I have replaced the thermostat and checked the fuse- still overheating. The fan does not come on at all. Tried turning the a/c on - the fan still does not come on (I think there is only one fan - please correct me if I am wrong). My coolant is clear and the level is fine. I do not have any leaks. I have received advice to check the temperature sensors (are there two?). My problem is that I do not know where the temperature sensors are. I have checked my owner's manual and it does not tell me where to find the sensor. Another suggestion received is to hardwire the fan. Does this sound correct?

Please let me know if you need additional information. Any adive would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  debbiek

Both peices of advice are sound advice. First you can hardwire the fan motor to the battery by using a pair of wires with aligator clips on the ends and connecting them to the fan and the battery. Check with a service manual like Hanes or Chiltons for digarams and procedures if necessary. This test will tell you if the fan motor is working or not. If it is hardwired it should work all the time. If it works when connected to the battery then the problem lies else where. The next place that I would go is the engine coolant temp. sensor(s) to find out how many there are you can call a dealership pats dept and ask them. On some cars there are two one for the temp. gauge in the dash and one for the fan ( called the radiator fan switch or something like it). Once you find the sensor you can probably test it using a multimeter but you will have to find out the specs from a service manual. If they check out OK I would then look to see if there is a bad relay for the fan. again you can call a parts store and ask them if there is one and where it would be. I had the exact situation happen to me and it turn out that my car had two sensors and that the radiator fan switch (which is a temp. sensor was bad).

posted by  wizzyb82

Thanks for the advice. I tood the car to Saturn and they told me I needed a new fan motor. The dealership wanted $96 for part plus labor. I found a fan motor at Auto Zone for $30.99 and my husband installed it. Problem fixed!

Thanks again.

posted by  debbiek

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