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Hi everyone

I have a trouble with my car (your didn't guess :wink2: ). So here is what I know
I have a Manuel Toyota Tercel 1993 4 doors, 115 000 km, the engine is 1,8 liters.
Few weeks ago I went to Toyota, they change the transmission fluid, the timing belt and they check the tank (it was ok).

My problem is that it consumme a bit more gas then before and when I step on the gas, I heard under the hood a noise similar to a tire that's getting flat; like if air was coming out of somewhere. Also it often smell gas, especially under the passenger seat. And in the tank they're is a accumulation of gas vapor. Finally the last thing I seen, my exhaust is really darker.

I thinks that's all I can give you, I know about mechanic, but I'm bette with airplane engine than car engine.

Thanks for any help

posted by  Didlidi

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