98 Pontiac Sunfire with DRL and headlight problems

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Hello all, I am leaving for Missouri on Wed night but my car is giving me problems. For a few weeks now, wehn I have gone to turn on my headlights, the daytime light indicator has stayed on and after playing with the twister, I was able to turn on the headlights and the DRL indicator woould turn off. I would have to twist a little and find the right spot. Last night this stopped working. now, my dashboard lights come on and my DRL indicator stays on and it seems like my headlights come on but they are a lot dimmer. I have no experience whatsoever with cars, so I am very lost. A friend of mine is going to take a look at my car but I wanted to see if I could help him narrow it down by asking..... Thank you for your help!

posted by  lil_monkay

I have this same problem with a 98 sunfire. Anyone know what causes this?

posted by  Buelow

Check a harness located near the hood release. It is known to cause a headlight to fail or be intermittent. May only affect one light. I think that GM should have a recall on that problem for obvious safety reasons. The one light on mine just started cutting out, but the daylights work ok.

posted by  burger2227

This thread is like umm, 4 months old or something. I think the person is LONG gone. :screwy:

posted by  97Talonchik

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