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Hi. My name is Joey and I am currently working on a 1993 Mazda 626 4/cyl manual. I am attempting to gain more efficiency by adding simple things like performance spark plugs, and a home-made cold air intake. I have a question for anyone who can help me:

When I make the Cold Air Intake, can I install electric fan/s in the tubing that force air into the intake manifold? I plan on using a fan assembly from an rc jet, and installing it in a joint somewhere.Would this cause any problems> Would it improve the horsepower and mpg? I have included an example photo of what I am talking about. Its not my engine but the same principal of what I am asking.

Sorry if this question is ill-educated.

Thanks A-Lot!

posted by  jchiesa

Basically what you have there is an electric supercharger. The question is whether it will keep up with you motor or not. There are also other issues with your setup.

In a regular supercharger, the unit provides more boost as your RPM's go up (it is driven off your belts usually). Your electric fan is going to put out constant "boost" unless you put some sort of rheostat in there to control it's rpm and link it with that of the motor.

Do you know what the flow rate of your motor is? At idle? At WOT(wide open throttle)? What is the flow rate of the electric fan? If your fan is slower than the flow rate of your car, all your doing is putting an obstuction in the way of your airflow. If you fan is faster than engine air flow at idle, but slower at WOT, then it may help you until you get to an RPM where the two are equal and then it's going to hurt you.

That also brings up the point about fuel metering. How are you going to determine the extra fuel needed to match the extra air you have forced in? I suppose if you mounted the fan upstream of a Mass Air Sensor, then the computer may be able to compensate for it. Will your injectors be able to keep up?

Anyway, I think you get the picture. It's not as easy as just hooking a fan up and you have an extra 20 HP. But don't let me stop you. The best lessons are learned by trying. You may stumble across something and it could be the next great breakthrough.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

like "theman" was saying i dunno about putting a fan inbetween the intake tubing closed off. If you have room u can put a bigger fan where the air enters the intake tubing, that wont hold the engine back at all.

posted by  speedy266

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